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A Nordic-Jordanian conference collaboration towards a gender balanced music industry in the SWANA region. From 6-8 February ‘23, we focus on spotlighting the role of women in music, with a program of roundtable sessions, interactive workshops and cultural visits, networking for future partnerships between Jordan and Nordic countries. The diverse program is complemented by live performances by Nordic and Jordanian artists in the evenings, including showcase concerts and a jam session.

Through cultural exchange, we aim to bridge the gap and bring the global community together in sharing knowledge, addressing challenges, and learning from one another to boost women’s presence and increase their visibility in music ecosystems. Ultimately, with a strengthened network between Jordan and Nordic countries, we’re working to unlock potential for future collaborations among us, and to create a more inclusive and diverse music industry for future generations.

The project is curated by Amman Jazz Festival and Oslo World, in partnership with the Norwegian and Swedish Embassies in Amman, and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.



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6-8 February 2023

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Utopian Manifesto

Tuesday, 7 February 2023
09.30 AM at AlBalad Theater

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Join the cultural sector in an action-packed workshop where we actively work together to address gender inequality in the music industry. This is a limited opportunity, so register now to secure your spot!

The Utopian Manifesto workshop has been bringing together professionals from around the world since 2019. With the aim of discussing and developing strategies for promoting education, agency, access, and space within the cultural sector. Our focus is on understanding gender and cultural context as essential components of effecting positive change in various regions.

At the end of the workshop, participants will co-create the fourth version of the action-oriented Manifesto. The Manifesto outlines key objectives for the sector and lays out concrete action steps to help achieve them. It covers topics such as fair recruitment practices, equal pay, and anti-racism efforts in the arts.

This workshop builds on the success of previous Utopian Manifestos, starting with the one created at the Oslo World 2019 festival. Since then, the manifesto has gained global support and signatures from numerous partners, including Al-Balad Music Festival, Favela Sounds, IMESUR, MARSM, Nyege Nyege, Riddu Riddu, Rock al Parque, Sukiyaki Meets the World, Suoni Mobili, Visa for Music, Keychange, Global Toronto, Druga Godba, Norsk Jazzforum, Beirut Jam Sessions, International Indigenous Music Summit, Fira B!, Mercat Musica Viva de Vic, Arabesques.

Facilitator: Laura Camacho Salgado. She is Head of International program at Oslo World, leading initiatives like Map the World and the Utopian Manifesto. Curated the Beyond Music program of the festival, with focus on themes like freedom, movement, and utopia. With a focus on music from Africa, Latin-America, Asia and the Middle East. Oslo World is one of Europe’s leading music festivals, promoting freedom of expression and gender equality. She is also an independent researcher interested in body politics, migration studies, and border aesthetics. Guest lecturer at the University of Oslo with a background in literature, arts and cinema.

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